Elwell's Background & Intellectual Propery Law Services Offered

The range of technologies Elwell has dealt with in his patent practice is widely varied. In many ways, this reflects his broad experience and background before attending law school.

Science & Technology Background

Prior to beginning patent practice, Elwell earned both a B.A. and a Ph.D. in chemistry. While an undergraduate, Elwell assisted the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland with pesticide detection. He also assisted in limnological fieldwork and laboratory analysis. In his graduate chemical work, he specialized in biochemistry and molecular biology. While earning his Ph.D., he worked in the Institute of Molecular Biology at the University of Oregon performing experiments in bacteriology, genetic engineering, and two-dimensional protein electrophoresis. While in graduate school, Elwell also studied limnology and environmental science. After completing his graduate studies, Elwell founded a commercial laboratory which offered testing, facility operations, and consulting services. His customers were key players in the environmental industry, the water and wastewater industry, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Patent Practice

Elwell began practicing patent law in 1986 while still attending law school. Technologies he has dealt with while practicing patent law include chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, molecular biology, medical devices and procedures, dental devices and procedures, water and wastewater treatment, information and computer technology, agriculture, recreational equipment, and many mechanical devices. In the course of representing patent clients, Elwell has searched for prior art at the National Institutes of Health and in the US Patent Office, interviewed Patent Examiners by telephone and in person, and appealed Examiner's decisions through oral argument to the Board of Appeals. Elwell's patent practice serves individual inventors, corporations, and law firms in patent prosecution matters.

Other Legal Services Available

Patent law is the primary focus of Elwell's practice. Depending upon availability, however, legal projects in closely related areas are sometimes untaken. Other intellectual property legal services which may be available from Elwell include trademark and service mark registration, copyright registration, licensing, assignments and transfers of intellectual property, and advice concerning strategic intellectual property planning. Other projects are considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact Elwell for further information.

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